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Unified Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd (UKSL) was incorporated to create a unified platform which will act as a comprehensive knowledge repository for the entire textile value-chain. UKSL is a government recognised start-up under Start-up India Programme and will provide a wide-ranging information on various facets from conceptualising to executing new textile projects for various stakeholders such as investors, technology suppliers, consultants etc.


Often a brilliant idea for a new project is not substantiated on ground due to unavailability of the required knowledge. Our interfaces will hence involve a comprehensive web-based knowledge repository in the arena of textile industry; news, information, technology, and ideation portals; market and feasibility analysis; print magazines; and an interactive monthly conclave to fast track investment decisions for investors and entrepreneurs.

Unified Platform

When an investor plans to set up a new project or intends to expand an existing venture, the primary hurdle which hefaces is unavailability of information such as market intelligence, feasibility study,project details,selection of product mix, availability of technology, and other project management related execution issues at a single platform. Hence, numerous projects which could add great value for the whole textile value chain are not able to see the light of the day.

To address all these issues, UKSL have coined the concept of first ever unified platform to exchange knowledge; discuss opportunities and challenges faced; and gauge solutions for all stakeholders. Usually, a solution to resolve any problem is available on three popular platforms namely internet, print media, and personal interaction. UKSL is using all these mediums in the form of a web-based news, info, technology and ideation portals; textile knowledge repository; a comprehensive monthly print magazine; and a monthly convention for budding entrepreneurs to benefit the entire textile value chain.

Ideation Centre

Any project propagation begins with browsing numerous ideas regarding market intelligence, product feasibility, and technology selection. Getting one stop-shop for all this information is very rare. Therefore, UKSL have come up with sector-wise & technology-wise ideation centers where an investor or an entrepreneur can give firm shape to his ideas. These News, Info, Technology and Ideation Portals will delve deeply into each textile & technical textile sector, sub-sector, technology and further its products.

Each one of these web portals will provide a sector-wise or process-wise conceptualisation of every product in the entire textile value chain. It will include every aspect of each sector, sub-sector, technology and further its products through various sections such as industry news and notes, technical library, market intelligence report, feasibility analysis, leaders’ speak, technology junction etc. Following will be unique features of these portals:

  • Detailed analysis of each sector, sub-sectors, and products within it.
  • Separate portals covering all sectors both sector-wise and process-wise.
  • Recent technology updates for each sector in Technology Junction.
  • News and recent happenings in News and Notes.
  • Word by industry leaders in Leaders’ Speak.
  • Opinion of experts in Expert’s Perspective.

Knowledge Repository

Our dedicated textile knowledge repository fast tracks project conceptualization ideas for new textile manufacturing units or start-up projects. The platform would cover all the fields of conventional textile including technical textiles and would provide every information related to each sector, sub-sector, technology, and projects.

The portal would be a dedicated platform better defined as online ‘Textile Knowledge Repository’ for green-field and brown-field projects, particularly for textile and technical textile start-up projects. It would act as a single repository or a source containing comprehensive knowledge on textile projects from project conceptualization to commissioning of operations. This will also act as an appropriate platform where technology and machine suppliers would be able to debate about their technology and would also be able to demonstrate it. The unique features of this portal are:

  • First known comprehensive platform for every information related to new textile projects.
  • Only platform to discuss and facilitate investment related issues in textile and technical textiles.
  • Focus on each specific sub-sector of textile industry (such as technical textiles).
  • Easy reach for individual investors in Tier II and Tier III cities.
  • Details of various states and their textile policies at one place.
  • Description of all textile parks, textile institutes, and Centre of Excellence institutes at one platform.









Print Magazine

The monthly magazine being Comprehensive Guide for New Investment Opportunities would provide meticulous compilation of facts ineach sector or a sub-sector every month for prospective manufacturing start-ups. Our primary aim is to help entrepreneursin setting up new textile manufacturing ventures.

Being a ‘comprehensive guide for new investment opportunities’, our monthly magazine would provide detailed facts about every facet of a sector or a sub-sector in textile industry to prospective manufacturing start-ups or entrepreneurs. Each monthly edition of our magazine would provide a complete overview of one sector or sub-sector which would be considered the theme for that month. Following facets of each project would be discussed in each issue:

  • International and Indian market intelligence reports.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Discourse with suppliers and buyers of the product.
  • Word by leading manufacturers for each project.
  • Major machine suppliers and their opinion.
  • Fresh perspective by new industry entrants.

UKSL goal is also to encourage students to join Textile Value Chain and make them aware of new developments in Textile Industry. For this a monthly competition would be organized and students would be given opportunity to write articles on different developments across different sectors/ technologies. The best selected articles would be published in the respective magazine.


UKSL has planned to organize an interactive conclave once every month in all major textile hubs across India which will act as a pathway for entrepreneurs. The major thrust would be on understanding opportunities and challenges faced for investment in Textile Value Chain. These conclaves would act as Catalyst for improving investment scenario in Textile Sector.

The conclave would be organized with following objectives:

  • Discussion on new opportunities on new product developments happening across world and planning for it in Indian market.
  • Dialogue on market intelligence for different new emerging opportunities.
  • Understanding the feasibility of different projects.
  • Interaction with technology suppliers.
  • Understanding the international marketing and available platforms.
  • Discussion on financial experts for finance planning.
  • Improving Industry and Institutes Interaction.

All the Conclaves would be organized in the Textile Institute of the selected city to improve Industry and Institute Interaction. This would also give a platform for students to understand more about Industry and New developments.

Our Team


Ravi Arora

Founder & C.E.O

Dr. S.M. Ishtiaque

Prof. I.I.T Delhi

Rashi Arora


Gurudas Aras

Independent Director and Strategic Advisor

Kumar Abhishek

Director-Strategic Intiatives

Mr. Ashok Juneja

Ex President TAI

Alok Satyadev

Editor in Chief

Imran Ahmad

Database Administrator & ERP Developer

Maninder Singh

Visual & Graphic Designer

Shashi Kant

Web And Software Developer

Navya Arora

Media & Publication

Manish Kumar

Android Developer

Surbhi Garg

Sr. Manager Events

Sonam Gupta

Research Analyst

Atul Kumar

IOS Developer

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